Artist Statement

My project evolves around the backgrounds behind the art of surfing. I wanted my project to be different in general, but be especially different than my normal style. I initially decided to photograph homeless people in black and white to stimulate a feeling of sympathy and wonder for the viewer by capturing the many different moods of people “in the moment” through a candid style, but I ultimately hated it. I made the switch to something I am very passionate about, the art of surfing. I shifted my project completely in order to benefit me personally and my photography business. My new plan is to go to different surf related places or organizations, and capture the “essence” of that specific spot. I do not want to simply take pictures of surfers and be generic, instead I want to explore the backgrounds behind the sport. This change in my project will get my name out there in the surfing and commercial community with a hope of attracting more customers to my website, which will benefit me in the long run.

I have been influenced by Aaron Chang, Zak Noyle, and Jason Fenmore to pursue the art of ocean photography, but also by Eric Scire and Peter Lik for landscapes. My work utilizes mostly movement and emphasis on a specific subject to bring out the form and lines within my pictures. I want my audience to “vibe” with my shots like I do because they all have a specific feeling that surround them. For example, my week six has a very serious mood with Tim Crozier (a surfboard shaper) focused on his work, while my week seven has a very joyous mood with images of kids surfing for the first time. In order to present these elements effectively I have to interact with the subjects I take pictures of. This is beneficial as I can advertise my work through these interactions, and will also improve my speaking skills in meeting new people.

Photography is such an important aspect of my life as it allows me to express feelings through my work, and surfing does the same thing. Since I was a young boy, I loved taking trips to the beach. I was mesmerized by the ocean and its energy, and as I grew up, I developed a strong bond with the power of waves. There is an entire culture surrounding surfing that pertains to the many different surfing spots, the lingo, who has priority in the lineup, and many more factors. I want my audience to experience the same thrills that I have when I paddle out in the water, but also be aware of the extensive background surfing has. Surf photography is one of my most favorite things to do, not simply riding a wave, but knowing what went into the thrill behind the moment, and the exhilarating feeling of being spit out of a barrel (even if one cannot surf). It is my passion and joy, not only to capture images, but to share them with others. This project allows me to connect to people around the community and accomplish that goal. As stated on my website, “I don’t create art. I just capture the beauty of what already exists.”


Jared Weintraub Photo Art

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