As a ReSurf ambassador, I engage in activities to create awareness. I have learned about how to fundraise, run a campaign, and helped build a local ReSurf surf club that serves underprivileged children. Through workshops and classes/meet-ups, I have learned how to be a leader. 

About ReSurf

Our Mission

The Resurf mission is to help underprivileged children all over the world through surfing. ReSurf equips community leaders with the necessary tools to reach and inspire their youth. We go to communities that request our program and conduct leadership training to further our influence. During our time in these communities, we help implement our sustainable mentorship model through our ReSurf Clubs. These clubs are run by our staff and eventually taken over by the participants as a continuing program that serves the community and its children for generations. 

Our Vision

There are many organizations run by some of the most inspirational leaders, all on a mission to help make the world a better place. ReSurf partners with these organizations and community leaders, providing these active and crucial role models with the tools to drive their kids toward a positive and productive life. Through mentorship programs, we encourage kids to stay in school and have a sense of community, giving them the foundation to make better life decisions. 

The Impact

"It’s great to see what Resurf is doing. If you can share that wonderful feeling that surfers have and give it to someone else it’s great. It's brillant to see that ReSurf is giving these kids the fundamental tools for being stoked."


All Photos Taken By Jared

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